Laughing Leaves – Lansing MI

I just returned from teaching for two days at the Capitol Quilters Guild in Lansing MI. We had a wonderful time in a bright and airy facility. It always makes such a difference when the room has good light and there are lots of outlets for the irons, class always go so much better. This is a fun adventurous group of woman and men and if I lived in this town I would join their guild.

I made a fun video of our day together making Laughing Leaves a fused collage class.



4 responses on “Laughing Leaves – Lansing MI

  1. Janamarie

    Loved the video (and the happy music) but it made me want to be there! I am a new fan of yours, have bought your dyeing book and am in the thick of it. What a great book, clear instructions and you make it seem easy. I have fallen in love with dyeing fabric. I also love your dog George.
    Please keep blogging your tips and know that I am inspired and helped immensely by your teaching.

    1. Frieda

      Dear Janamarie,
      Thank you for a wonderful comment. I KNOW you will love dyeing as it is so addictive. Have fun and keep experimenting.
      Just so you know Georgie passed away last year, but he remains in my heart and I can’t get rid of him in my imagery just yet.
      Remember – To fail, is to learn.

  2. Carolyn Solomon

    It was an inspiring and fun day with an excellent instructor! I am in love with your fabric. Hope to see you in Chicago and I will bring my finished quilt.

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