Label that thing!

I am a fanatic about putting labels and our names on our quilts.

I have a degree in Art History and one of the things I am most adamant about is documenting our work.

I want my great grand-kids to know what I made, when I made it, where I made it and how I made it.

I machine quilt my name into all of my work.

I put a label with my name, address, date and name of the quilt on all my work.

I sign all my quilts on the back in permanent black magic marker. I am a fanatic about documenting my pieces.

Enjoy this little video showing how I put a printed label on the back of my work. I have been doing this for over 15 years now. I use this method for all my quilts. If the ink in your printer is not permanent, you can pre-soak the fabric in Bubble Jet and then do the process.

4 responses on “Label that thing!

  1. Deb

    Do you use any other products such as BubbleJet or some special type of ink. I wasn’t sure if added treatment to the printed ink was necessary.

  2. Cornwoman

    That’s a great question. I was under the impression that if it’s an inkjet printer, the ink normally used in the printer is permanent on fabric. Is it?

    Thanks for the video. I’ve never printed on fabric before, but would love to do this for labels. Have you ever had issues with the paper coming off the fusible while going through your printer?

  3. Annie

    I have found this method is not permanent. I have not been able to get the ink to heat set entirely. But it’s fine if the label will not get wet. (I have this same printer).

  4. Stella

    It’s great to see your process, and strangely timely! I just wrote a post myself about the difficulties I’ve faced trying to come up with a method of signing my quilts that is attractive and truly fits with my personal style. It’s nice to know how infinite the possibilities are for such a seemingly un-interesting part of the process.

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