Just do it

Just do it – 

  • Carve out an hour today (ideally, that starts right now. Don’t tell me you can’t — you were going to spend the next hour reading blog posts and twitter anyway) and work on the Big Uncomfortable Important Thing.
  • If you don’t have an hour, spend 20 minutes. And put an hour in your schedule for tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that.
  • Use a timer. Work up to the full hour if you have to.

Because Big Uncomfortable Important Things are uncomfortable, you will immediately be tempted to go complain about something on Google+. Therefore, you need to turn off your distractions of choice.

Not all day, don’t panic. Just for an hour.

(Yes, your mobile, too. If you are not a brain surgeon, they can wait for you for an hour. Tell them you were in the toilet.)

Here is my original sketch for what I call “lemon tree”


This is the fused quilt I made from that sketch. And NOW I am working on a pieced version. It will be my big uncomfortable thing today.

Here is that quilt on the cover of the new
the best of Quilting Arts. You can get this book at Amazon or Quilting Arts.

I have a very nice article about machine quilting in the book.

That is Melody‘s quilt on the top there and she has a nice article about design.

Laura and Judy have articles in there too.

Treat yourself to a really good resource book for your stocking today.

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  1. Cornwoman

    Hmmmm….I love the concept! 1 hour on a Big Uncomfortable Important Thing!! Thanks for sharing the sketch for that wonderful quilt, also. I’m going to have to look for the QA book!

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