Judy Zoelzer Levine

This Artist Monday I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine who is doing really interesting work.
Judy Zoelzer Levin specializes in quilted items made from nontraditional quilting fabrics such as wool, silk, and lamé. Although these fabrics are challenging to work with, Judy finds the play of light on the quilts fascinating and rewarding.  Besides the quilts that Judy makes she also has a line of fun and exciting bags. You can view all her work on her website listed below.
“True Beauty?”.  The quilt was inspired by a round robin challenge held by the Milwaukee Art Quilters.  Participants brought a common object in a paper bag, placed it in the center of the room and then chose different bag.  My bag contained a kewpie doll.  I am currently working on a series of quilts with female imagery and female issues.  The kewpie led me to think about “What is beauty”?  Images of kewpies were Photoshoped in orchids, roses and tulips and printed on fabric.  They were then surrounded by the names of beauty products.
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