I taught my pattern JOY at the IQA quilt show in Houston this past fall. Today in my email I received this note from a student in that class in Houston along with this photo.

I finally finished our project from the Houston quilt show 2016.  I wanted to share with you my JOY…actually…it’s my girl friend’s project but I finished it.  She loved it…and I got to practice my micro stippling and quilting rulers~!
I will see you in Houston….I will be shopping at your booth!!!
Thanks for the inspiration!
Aloha from Hawaii….
Jo Anne 
I always tell my students to send me pictures of their finished projects so I can share them here with you. I think she did a beautiful job. She told me in an earlier email that her friend just wasn’t into getting this done so she finished it for her, now that is a true friend. And what a gorgeous job she did. I love the ruler quilting in the border. I just got a ruler foot for my BERNINA and am very anxious to start using it, and this certainly inspired me to do that.
Thanks for sharing JoAnne in Hawaii. We all need friends like YOU!

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