Jack Jack Jack in the Pulpit

I should check to see how many posts I have done on this humble little woodland plant.

Jack in the Pulpit

I love this little plant and search for it every spring.

These pictures were taken the other noon on our daily walk in the woods. 








cluster of Jack in the Pulpits just rising

This group of JitP’s are just coming up and not even open yet.

The trillium’s are up too as well as the May Apples, wild Geranium and these sweet blue flowers.

And while the trillium’s intrigue me as well I haven’t made any art from them in awhile. Well I haven’t made any art from the Jack’s in awhile either, but I just love them and can’t wait till the one’s in my garden pop up. I am going to look at the nursery this year for some more to put in the garden.

Pretty soon it will be too buggy to go to the woods and George and I will start walking around the man made lake by our hospital. When they built the hospital several years ago they installed a geo-thermal pond to heat and cool the building.

It is a mile around the pond and we love going up there in the good weather. I get a little sun everyday along with our daily walk. Life is good.


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