It’s Friday YEA

I love Friday’s don’t you? They are a day to wrap things up and start thinking about a break.

I’m currently working on a special project that won’t be done until next week. But I am going to take a little break from it this weekend. Sometimes we get to close to something and can’t see the forest for the trees.

I want to share a few more artist that I saw at the One of a Kind show last weekend. There were so many and so many beautiful items. I realized this week that if the WORLD (people) was more involved in making things, all kinds of things, people would be less inclined to want to destroy things. More people should do hands on creating.

This guys photography was hauntingly beautiful. Steve Wewerka  I always thought I would love to be a photographer, and hopefully some day I will take some photography classes.stevewewerka










Tattoo Dreams was a truly intriguing booth. Iconic Story Boxes Good Karma Beads.














And finally, The Wood Cycle. These guys are local to me, Wisconsin, and I loved their work. I would love a house full of their products.

While our focus is on larger products, in our sawmill operations we often encounter small pieces of highly figured woods, burls and other unique finds. Our shop projects also generate scraps too good to throw away. Rather than sending all this wood off to the boiler, we create bookends, bowls, cutting boards and a number of other pieces. In general, these are one-of-a-kind products, with some offered through our on-line store, and many more available at our gallery.

I hope you enjoyed this virtual journey of some of my favorite vendors at the Chicago One of a Kind show. Maybe you’ll get to go next year.

I’m participating in Cheryl Sleboda’s ‪#‎31dayblogchallenge‬. I hope you following along.

Have a great weekend!

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