It is all about the work.

I saw an interview last night with Warren Buffett, and of course they were asking him all kinds of questions about investing and his life, you know the usual stuff … but the one thing that really struck me about the interview was Mr. Buffett talking about visiting colleges and talking to students.

He tells them that the one thing he thinks is so important is to figure out what you like to do and then make that your job, goal, mission in life. You will always be happy if you are doing what you love.

As Joseph Campbell says “Follow your Bliss.”

I think I am living my dream. I knew at a very young age I wanted to work with textiles. I have made all kinds of things, always working with my hands and figuring out how to do something that interest me.

And when it didn’t work out the way I wanted it to, reworking it until it did.

Perseverance is the KEY to success I believe.

I hope you are successful with your work and life today, and when frustration, aggravation and circumstances get in your way I hope you take a long breath, close your eyes and envision the life you want to lead.

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  1. Cornwoman

    So many people today look for what pays the most. But since you will be doing it for such a long time, it pays the most to do something that you love because money is no longer the currency…it’s time.

    Perseverance is very important too, though I guess that I don’t think of quitting, so it’s just built in to keep trying.

    I enjoyed the slide show! Thanks!

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