Is your stash in danger of being colorless?

Well we will fix that TODAY.
Today we are giving away a 7 step gradation from yellow to magenta!!
There is no lack of color here.
These colors will pop out and grab you.
Look OUT!!

  • What does this color combination remind you of? 

Yesterday’s winner of Lavender Love random number # 13 – AnnMarie.

I can only hope that this little bundle will be as loved by you as it has been by me.

Tomorrow is the big day Ladies and Gents. THE BIG give away.
Here is a little sneak peek at what you will be vying for tomorrow.


  • I hope you will leave a comment about sharing,
  • Pass me off to a friend and
  • Join my followers on the blog.
  • Then we can all have a very merry holiday!!


36 responses on “Is your stash in danger of being colorless?

  1. liz

    I hope you don’t mind me saying that the colours remind me of a nasty bruise! But aren’t they gorgeous? I think I’d rather have a quilt in these colours than a bruise.

    I did a class with you in Houston. I hope your sore throat improved quickly. I really enjoyed the class – probably more than you did.

  2. gill

    Well I was going to say ‘my irises’ until I read liz’s comment! and yes definitely a bruise!! with 2 rugby playing boys there are lots of bruises in my house!
    Beautiful colours!

  3. Chay

    It’s a sunset over the ocean in Cancun. We saw the most spectacular color displays; don’t know if it was the time of year, weather conditions or what, but it was a quite a show. Thanks for the chance to win these lovely fabrics.

  4. Michigoose

    Ah! This reminds me a a sunset I once saw….and an eggplant which wasn’t perfectly colored. Love the word “Aubergine” and that was the first thing which came to mind. Thanks for giving me a smile!

  5. Cornwoman

    The beautiful colors of fabrics makes me immediately think of pansies! I can just picture it! The fabrics are beautiful and anyone would be fortunate to find these suddenly in their stash to make a quilt from.

    Congratulations to AnnMarie on winning the fabrics yesterday.

    Wow! I forgot about the BIG give away! What a treasure trove that looks to be!

    Sharing…I suppose if you haven’t tried it before, you could feel like you will have less if you share what you have. That’s especially true when you have very little. Will I have enough? What if I’ve shared it with someone and then come up short for my own needs?

    But in my experience sharing gives me far more than I give someone else. They just get a thing, whether it’s money or an item, but I am blessed to GET joy for having shared, along with the comfort of knowing that the other person has something that they really needed or wanted!

    There is no amount of money in the world that can buy joy, which rich people could probably tell you. There is also no feeling so wonderful and precious. It’s what we feel when we fall in love, make a new friend, and see our own child for the very first time. And all we have to do to have it is to share with someone who has a need! I think it could be more addictive than chocolate…

  6. JustCallMeElle

    You gotta love a great gradation!

    This one reminds me of an Iris. I had one once that went from the yellow to the brownie magenta, but not to the real magenta or purple. I think it was supposed to go to a ‘chocolate’ but maybe the soil did not have the right acidity or lack of to get it there. None the less… this is Iris to me!

    Can I ask – what fabric do you use for your dyeing? You seem to get such vibrant colors that are not always apparent in hand dyes. Also – do you use just water from the tap, or distilled/bottled/other?

  7. Zizophora

    I was going to say crocus too! The colors are beautiful. When I shared this website link with my Mom, I told her about your book too! The next time she visits, we’re going to try fabric dyeing — it will be so much fun.

  8. Laura

    Hello- You are so industrious and talented with all your beautiful colored fabrics!
    About sharing- Joy is the greatest commodity and when you share it it multiplies!
    Purple to yellow reminds me of petrified wood which you can see at Geronimo’s trading post in Holbrook AZ. =)
    Thank you for sharing your photos!

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