Ironing fabric

I spend a lot of time just ironing fabric. I enjoy the process and love to see the fabric emerge from a rumbled pile of color to a smooth folded tight stack.

I iron most days that I am home. I dye fabric for my pattern kits and for my classes. it is a part of my business and part of what I do to get ready to teach or vend at a show.  There is always a pile waiting to be ironed.

This is my trusty ironing tank and ironing station, a big board from Tracy’s Tables.

I spend this time listening to books on tape or sometimes binge watching Netflix. Right now I’m listening to the Crystal Cave, The Aurthurian Saqa, book 1 by Mary Stewart (I’ve never read this series and I like it so far), and currently watching Grace and Frankie. Any suggestion for Netflix are appreciated.

All my sewing furniture is from Tracey’s Tables and I love all my pieces, I have seven separate “tables”. One for each sewing machine; I have two, one for my serger, one large cutting area and two drawer units that go under it, and one Big Board.

As the weather begins to gets nicer, it is harder and harder to be inside working.

Ironed fabric ready for kits

Ironed fabric ready for kits

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