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I was contacted over a year ago to be part of an international group that will be exhibiting in the following venues.

Viville expo sept  2014   FRANCE
Russian quilt expo moscow  april 2015  
Quilt en Sud  Biaritz  France   3rd —6th June2015
NEC Birmingham UK  august 2015
Taiwan  possibility 2016   and Beajolais France 2016
The group is called Crossing Oceans and you can see work by all of the participants on our Facebook page Crossing Oceans Textile Artist.
Since I will not be going to any of the shows I thought I would share my work here. I wish I could go to all of them. The world should work differently then it does don’t you think?
These are the six pieces I contributed along with the statement I wrote and my beloved friend Betty translated for me. Enjoy your own private show here.
By the way each piece is raw edged fused with my hand dyed cotton and silk fabrics and is 24″ square.
Jack in the Pulpit 2Jack in the Pulpit 3Jack in the Pulpit 4Jack in the Pulpit 5Jack in the Pulpit 6
My six Jack in the Pulpits quilts were made to showcase my love of the woodland plant by that name. Mes six patchworks qui s’appellent <Jack in the Pulpits> réfléchissent mon amour pour cette plante du bois.Every day I walk in a little 22 acre woods near my home with my dog George. I love going there in the spring time and watch the different kinds of woodland plants emerge from their winter sleep. Tous les jours je fais une promenade avec mon petit chien George dans un bois de 22 acres qui se trouve très près de chez moi. Au printemps, j’adore y aller pour observer les plantes différentes du bois qui se réveillent de leur sommeil d’hiver.One of my favorite woodland plants is Jack in the Pulpits. Each year I search them out, looking for their hiding places on the woodland floor. They are hard to find in the sea of green undergrowth. Une de mes plantes favorites c’est la <Jack in the Pulpit.>  Chaque année je les cherche en faisant attention à leurs endroits cachés dans le bois.  Ils sont bien difficiles à trouver dans cette mer de verdure.

I am fascinated by their primordial appearance. They have three large umbrella like leaves that spread out and distinguish them from other plants. Je me fascine de leur apparence primordiale. Elles ont trois feuilles qui paraissent des parapluies ouvertes et qui se distinguent des autres plantes.

When they first emerge sometime in May, the hoods of the Jacks are a light limey green. As the plants mature over the course of the spring, their stems gradually add ruby red stripes. The insides of their hoods also mature and glow with the dark ruby red coloring as well. Quand elles émergent en mai, les capuchons des <Jack in the Pulpits> possèdent la couleur des limes.  Pendant qu’elles mûrissent au printemps, peu à peu les bandes rouges se paraissent dans leurs tiges.  Les intérieures des capuchons mûrissent en rougeoyant aussi.

The area of Illinois, USA, in which I live is considered an Oak savannah. Oak savannas in the Midwest are most commonly found in a climatic zone intermediate between woodland and prairie, which is often called the prairie/forest border. Illinois, l’état où j’habite aux États-Unis, se considère la savane de chêne. Les Savanes de chênes au Midwest se trouvent dans la zone climatique intermédiaire entre le bois and les prairies, qui s’appellent la bordure des prairies et des bois.

Three different kinds of Oak trees inhabit this small woodland area where I live; White Oak, Burr Oak, and Pin Oak. Everything on the floor of the woods grows out of decaying dead oak leafs. These dead oak leaves bring life back to the woodland floor each spring. The Jack in the Pulpits are but a small part of that woodland life cycle. Trois variétés de chênes habitent ce petit bois où j’habite: le chêne blanc, le chêne à gros fruits, et le chêne palustre. Toutes les plantes de la terre du bois se croissent des feuilles pourries des chênes. Chaque printemps, des feuilles mortes des chênes se renaissent la vie des plantes. Les <Jack in the Pulpits> sont une partie très petite du cycle de vie du bois

If you know anyone that will be at any of these shows I hope you will let me know.

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  1. Kerry

    Hi Frieda, I live near Frankfurt and it was my first visit in the Silver Valley. The Crossing Oceans quilts are located in an exhibition hall in Sainte-Croix-aux-Mines. It was wonderful, the lighting and presentation of the quilts perfect. I´m very happy to saw your quilts with my own eyes.
    Kerry from Germany

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