Inspiration is where you find it

I just returned home from a wonderful and inspiring trip to Norway. I was so lucky to teach to the Oslo quilt group -Tåsen Quiltelag and then on to Bergen to teach at the NQA.
Brett and I had a fabulous time exploring the city of Oslo and meeting and making new friends.
We then traveled on to Bergen via train over the mountains to the top of the world and down again to the old and fascinating city of Bergen where I taught along with Marti Michelle for the Norwegian Quilters Association. Again making many new friends.
Here are a few of my pictures and video of two of my classes in Norwegian, you can translate all of it to be – LOVE THIS.
Sister Trees class in Oslo.
The harbor in Oslo.
One of the ladies from my class in Oslo, Kjersti had Brett and I over to her home for dinner. She had made this little quilt the day after class. Isn’t it wonderful!!  And dinner was great. There were six of us; Ingjerd and her husband Ole-Petter, Kjersti and her husband Ung and Brett and I. The men talked history and the woman talked quilts. Perfect.
My classroom in Bergen, making Farmland.
Some of the farmlands from class.

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Two of the classes I taught in Norway

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