I don’t know if any of you out there are utilizing this great magazine, in STiTCHES, from Quilting Arts. It is an online magazine with really great and interesting articles about stitching.

In Stitches 8 Cover

My quilt “Whispering Pines” is featured in the gallery section this month.

In Stitches 8 Gallery 3

Whispering Pines sold a long time ago to a wonderful quilt collector and I have never “remade” it.

But here is a smaller version of it that will be featured in our new DVD that Laura and I just made with Interweave. It think the title of it will be The Chicago School of Fusing:Making art quilts.
Fall Pines  12” x 16”  You can be an art collector too.

This little quilt is mounted on Timtex. It is attached with small pieces of Velcro. The whole process is described on our new video, I know many of you have asked how I do this and now you will be able to have a video to watch over and over again of the process. The new DVD should come out this fall. I will keep you posted.

Happy Quilting

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