In search of Brown

Let’s start with the most important part of the day – who won yesterday!! Raspberry Splash will be going to Randomnumber #28 – sue viall said…
Omg I pressed the wright button,it was not a raspberry colored one that’s why I couldn’t find one !!! I love that color,my nails are purple. Let’s see how splashily you can make use of these raspberry colors!! email me your address and I will send this packet to you.
I have spent a lot of time in search of the perfect brown. And what I have discovered along the way is that 60%orange and 40%blue is the perfect brown. While I am not a brown kinda gal, I do love to use it especially in the winter.This combo is is a seven step fat quarter gradation from Orange to Violet with some really pretty browns in the middle. All you brown and blue people should love this.
Leave me a comment today about brown.

  • Why you like brown
  • How you have found it helpful in your sewing room

Pine Trees
Notice the Brown behind the Pine Trees!

29 responses on “In search of Brown

  1. gill

    Congratulations Sue!
    Brown is such a great colour but I’ve only started appreciating it recently! Thanks for telling us the proportions of your brown – I shall make a note and try it!

  2. Debbie

    Yippee, more orange! I don’t like brown, so I can’t say it’s been helpful in my sewing room. But, I have to say, they look great in your gradated bundle, Frieda!

  3. Kathleen

    I refer to browns in my hand dyed stash as chocolates. I think they are yummy. Just recently I have experimented with a warmer palette than I usually do. I am marrying the chocolate with a butternut squash color, a soft yellow and a yellowish green. I blogged about this work in progress just the other day. 🙂

  4. Debi

    come to think of it, I don’t have much brown, I have rust colors. I could use some browns. I’m going to be doing a desert-cactus piece and brown would come in handy for that, so would the orange & purples!

  5. Dyeing to Quilt

    I love brown as it is the “ultimate” hide ande seek project when I hand dye. I am trying some 3 color bowns: 35% magenta, 100% yellow and 45% black to start. I like it in my sewing room as I make small art quilts including some that remind me of central Indiana where I grew up. There, it is so flat that you can see all the changing colors as the light moves across the sky until complete darkness. The land and the trees in Nov. when the trees are bare are an analgous brown beauty!!

    Notes for interested dyers: I am currently doing some mixing and testing (1 part this color 2 parts that color etc – by drops) and painting a small square of each color on 140# watercolor paper (very thick)and making notes beside it. I have read that it is very accurate way to sample how it will look on cotton vs. looking darker as a liquid etc.
    Johanna in Menomonee Falls, WI

  6. Cornwoman

    Brown is a great color because that’s what color chocolate is!!! lol I’ve used it in a chocolate quilt, and it works great in landscapes too. I’m thinking that some browns would make really good shadows too, which will give me a great excuse to make a quilt to try it out.

  7. annmarie

    I’m not sure I can say I “like” brown but it is definitely a necessity in a quilter’s stash. I do quite a bit of applique so it is very useful for houses and any outdoor or nature scene. your gradations are wonderful. Great giveaway – thanks for the chance to win.

  8. Lynn

    I love brown, have always loved brown but I don’t know why. Maybe it is because I was a red head growing up and I looked good wearing brown. One friend hates using brown in her quilts so we go round and round as it is a fav. of mine.

  9. Connie

    Your wall hanging is beautiful! I love brown and seem to have a lot of it in my fabric collection. I just got new cabinets in my quilt room which are……brown! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  10. Thearica

    It is very hard to find the right shade of brown for me.. I either hate it or love it but the ones I love never match the project I am working on …

    Brown has been helpful in my sewing room because my carpet has brown in it.. Makes it easy to see things I drop. 🙂

  11. nicolesender

    I love brown and all its different shades. The earth tone goes with so many color schemes.
    I have found it helpful in your sewing room because it’s so versatile.

  12. Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios

    I agree; hard to find the ‘right’ brown. And when I see it, I BUY it! I love how they are a such a wonderful backdrop and jumping off point for bright colors to pop; the best supporting role! And more interesting than black, and richer! And the best part… rich browns look great with all colors!

  13. sosarahsew

    When I was in my teens, that was my favorite color, perhaps because it is a good color for me to wear. I have many fall colors in my wuilting fabric stash, so brown is a natural. Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. Norma Riehm

    Brown is the color of chocolate and as a quilter I stay true to the saying that chocolate and quilting go together naturally. I use a lot of briwn in my quliting projects as a blender the way many quilters would use white/lights. The more chocolate the better.

  15. SewLindaAnn

    Eeek I love the Pine Trees! Brown is the color of nature to me (along with green). Dirt, bark, composting leaves. Brown has depth and feeling and it can be deep and rich or rusty. I love brown.

  16. rvquilter

    My summer hand quilting project was browns/pinks….I love browns, but it is so hard to find fabrics in the same brown families…..guess that means I’m trying too hard to be matchy matchy…Love your bundle!

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