Idaho quilters ROCK!!!

I taught my class Autumn Mums last fall in beautiful Idaho. I had never been to Idaho before and truly loved seeing it.  I had such a great time with the ladies that came to my class. I really hit if off with my “hostess” person – Nona. She was so well organized, fun and chatty. That makes it nice for me and I feel like we are friends now. What a great job I have making friends around the world doing what I love. Life is good.

Recently Nona sent me these pictures of some of the ladies work from that class – Autumn Mums. They really had fun and made such great pieces.

This guild at their lecture night have students bring in their finished projects from past workshops and display them like this on clothes lines with the makers name on them. I think then their name goes in a drawing of some kind, I don’t really remember. I feel this is a great way to incentivise people to, first of all finish their workshop pieces, and second of all to display their hard work. I always emphasize that my patterns are just a jumping off place to make a quilt that is truly your own. And you can see that many people took that to heart and altered and created their unique pieces.

There are also a few other projects there, my Three Pumpkins pattern, and the Laughing Leaves pattern too. Really nice work ladies. Thanks for sharing NONA!! IDAHO quilters ROCK!!


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