I like to play around

I like to play around, don’t you?

Here are a few more ideas using Derwent Pencils.

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Derwent Inktense Pencils

Here are a few more ideas from Mary in HOT Arizona. I bet she plays around inside A LOT!

First…if I draw a line with the pencil and use a paintbrush, filled with the aloe gel, on the line it will spread the really intense color out into surrounding areas, with the darkest concentration of color being where the line is.  You need to make sure that you’re good with having a line still showing.
Second…if I put some of the gel into one of those little plastic palette indentations, then immerse the pencil sort of like drawing in the cup and mixing the color in until it’s as deep a color as I’d like, I can use that colored gel like watercolors to paint on the fabric.  If you want it darker, just either add more of the color from the pencil or multiple layers of the color…or both.

Third…if I only need a really teensy bit of the color, I put a bit of the clear gel on my finger and roll/draw with the pencil until I get the intensity of color that I want.  Then I dip my brush into it and use it to paint the area.  The caution with this one is that if you need to color a medium to large area, the color consistency would be tough to achieve.

Also, there are special paint brushes for fabric that sort of scrubs the ink into the fibers of the fabric, which is needed.  You want the ink to be more than just surface.

When you wet the Inktense pencils, the color becomes very intense and beautiful, but like all liquid (gels included), it will spread the color and the moment that it dries it becomes permanent.  If you want to contain it within a specific area, your 24 pencil kit has an outlining pencil that is usually located on the end.  If you use it, that sort of silvery-grey color will be visible when you finish, however, so play with it to see whether you want to use it or not.  Also…when adding gel or other liquids to the Inktense on fabrics, give them at least 24 hours to dry thoroughly.

The clear colorless aloe gel that I buy comes from Walgreens in their suntan lotion section and usually runs me 2 tubes for $5, so it’s pretty cheap.

3 responses on “I like to play around

  1. Cornwoman

    I was hooked on painting in my quilts the moment that I saw the rich color that these Inktense pencils makes. Like other embellishments, it’s just a tool like having pretty colored threads to thread paint. Combining it with thread painting can really add some punch to quilts, but it can be addicting.

  2. sewmuch2do

    Hi Frieda,

    I love Derwent as well and have used the Inktense blocks with water on fabric. However I have found that some color came out when I rinsed it – even after a hot iron. Perhaps the aloe acts as a fixer; I will have to try it.

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