I hate cleaning up

I recently visited a quilting friend, and as it usually goes we got to talking about what projects we were working on. Towards the end of this discussion my quilt friend mentioned that she always allows time to clean up at the end of her working period. I said that I hated cleaning up and usually just walked away from what I am doing to come back and pick up where I left off.

I was feeling a bit guilty about working this way and so at the end of the day I took an extra 10 minutes to tidy up a bit. When I went back the next day to work on a project I couldn’t find it. I had to search for a 1/2 hour before I found the piece I was looking for. I had inadvertently put it with another project that was also being worked on and it had been swooped up in the wrong place.

I have come to the conclusion I will never clean up like that again. NO MORE QUILTY GUILT. I am who I am.

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