I call it Lemon Tree

I am so excited to be working on this project again. I had to put it “down” this summer to work on getting ready for filming on Quilting Arts TV and then get ready for all my fall teaching, workshops and shows and then the holidays. I also had to make my sisters healing quilt and a few Christmas gifts in there too.

It has however been hanging on top of another project that had to be put on hold. It has been there all summer and fall hanging on my design wall so that I can view it all the time and think about it. I never wanted to “put it away.” I wanted it in my site at all times.

atreeI call it lemon tree, even though it isn’t a lemon tree, but the leaves are lemon shaped. I really do have to come up with a better name and will start thinking about what it should be while I work on it.

It is paper pieced using a freezer paper technique that I just love.

I will be doing my annual January sale starting I hope January 2, 2016. Everything on my website will be 16% off. You need to enter the code “2016” in the coupon box when you check out and the discount will apply.

So start thinking about what fabrics, patterns or small quilts you would like to have. I hope you have a little money left over from Christmas just for you.



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