Ho Ho Ho – Present mode

I am currently in the Christmas present making mode. I have several projects I hope to finish by the end of next week.

I am also taking part in Cherly Sleboda’s blog challenge for the month of December. Please leave me lots of comments. Thanks.

The first one is for my sister.

This fall she met me in SD after I was done teaching in Rapid City, and she and I traveled around SD and Wyoming before going to CO to do a dyeing class with the quilt guild there. She ended up taking the dye class with the rest of the gals. I had her buy black and white dotted fabric to make her 12 step gradations for class. The dyed fabric came home with me and I made a set of napkins for her. But when I cut them into 15″ squares for the napkins I had extra fabric left over.

SO I decided to make them into a table runner.

Here they are, very festive and fun and so little waste left. You can see the small pile of waste on the left of the napkins.

I bought the circle making foot for my BERNINA 750 QE several years ago and this seemed like the perfect project to use it on. It was so fun and fast to quilt the table runner this way and it turned out really neat.

One present done, and done! On to the next one also a table runner.
tablerunner1 tablerunnerr2 tablerunnerr3

One response on “Ho Ho Ho – Present mode

  1. Alice person

    Such a beautiful gift. Those dots sure make the colors look different from the usual hand dyed fabrics!
    Your sister is one lucky gal.

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