Have Grannies will travel

This grannie business is fun. My sister and I are having a great time being silly MiMi’s and Auntie FiFi’s.

There is a real reason why children are for the young, we all drop into bed at night pretty exhausted.

Brady of course is a sweet, sweet boy and very fun to be around, full of those 2 year old questions; What’s that noise, Brady have it, where’s the ….

feeding the geese

We are managing to get a little adult time in. MiMi is planting a new garden for the house with tomatoes, and peppers. She is also trimming all the trees and bushes.

And progress is being made on the t-shirt quilt.

Last night I started putting the quilt sandwiches together. I am layering the backing and batting with the top of the t-shirt squares to make individual sandwiches. I will quilt each sandwich separately and then put them all to together at the end.

There are a couple of things that I have learned along the way making this type of quilt.

1. I put all the sandwiches together using 505 spray adhesive. This keeps the t-shirts from stretching and makes a nice smooth sandwich to quilt.IMG_8435 IMG_8433


2. I divide up the flannel into two sections. One group will get put on the back of all the light colored t-shirts and one group will get put on the back of all the dark colored t-shirts. It doesn’t matter what flannels get put in the two piles just that there are two separate piles.
I do this because I have found the easiest way to assemble the quilt blocks when I go to put the quilt together is to alternate them light and dark when I lay them out, and by making sure that the light and the dark t-shirts all have two separate colored  flannels on them the back will not have any two flannel squares next to each other that are the same.

You’ll see when I show you the finished back.

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