Harmony–do you have any?

Contrast, harmony

Oh those words frighten me. They seem so vague and non solid. I like words that describe things. But these words can help you with your design work.
Contrast –

Two opposing elements, opposite colors, contrast in value, contrast in direction or contrast in textures.
Try to use all of the above ideas when you are working on your quilting. I do.
In my Star Lilies pattern, green and pink are opposites on the color wheel, so the flowers literally vibrate with excitement.Same idea with Field Poppies, Red, a dark version of pink, and green are two of my favorite color combos for drama and attention grabbing appeal.

I LOVE to use opposing colors on the color wheel. And you should too, because they will make your work vibrant and interesting. This month all fabric, notions and patterns on my website are 20% off.

You can start the new year right with fabulous color or design. Don’t wait to try something new.


Is the visual effect of using similar and related elements.
Because I limited my color choices and used what are called “analogous” colors on the color wheel; blue, aqua and green, colors right next to each other, Duluth Trees has a harmonious feel to it. And because I added a “punch” of bright lime green this quilt pattern glows. It would be perfect in your cabin or friends cabin, or really any room of the house. It has a very elegant modern appeal.

You can buy similar gradation fabrics on my website.

I just dyed a new batch of  Blue Sunset and Easter Egg, each would work to make your own version of this quilt in a slightly different but similar color combination.

Because my fabrics are gradated one color to another on the same piece of fabric, they give you so many more choices to work with. Or of course you could just buy the pattern and kit at a 20% discount this month.

Tomorrow Emphasis and Unity.

2 responses on “Harmony–do you have any?

  1. Cornwoman

    I love high contrast of colors and values, but hadn’t thought of it in terms of opposing elements, direction or textures. Hmmm….I will have to give those a try!

    The flowers in the top piece just radiate excitement and grab your attention, while the trees below make you go “Ahhhhhh!”. I like each of them, despite loving high contrast.

    I’m assuming that the tree trunks are there for the contrast and that you need at least some contrast in order to prevent the harmonious colors from becoming too quiet, to the point of becoming boring. Is that a correct assumption??

    Emphasis and Unity sound like something that I really need some improvement in, so I’m looking forward to them.

    Thank you!

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