Happy Valentine’s DAY

I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine’s Day and do something nice for yourself!

I love to make the women in my family home made Valentine’s cards each year, and have posted some of them over the years here on the blog.

Here is this year’s card and I’ll show you a few step outs of how I made it.

I started by printing out the word LOVE in a few different fonts on fused fabric. I left the fusible paper on the fabric after I fused it and then cut that fabric to 8.5″ x 11″ so it would fit in my printer. Of course if you own a Cricuit or something similar you could do even more elaborate designs then just my little heart.

Here is the example of the font that I choose and an example of a failed print sheet.

Once I had the fabric printed with the words I cut out the heart shapes and fused them to a larger piece of background fabric. I layered that fabric with batting and a backing fabric and machine stippled it all over with pink rayon thread. Once it was quilted I used a decorative rotary blade, like a wavy blade or pinking blade in my rotary cutter, and cut out rectangle shapes that were smaller than my card stock.

I placed each rectangle on a ready made folding card and stitched around the outside edge to secure them to the front of the card. About half way through I decided to just stitch around the heart shape on the last several cards (top left). I liked that better.

I went on the internet and found a few different Valentine quotes that I liked and printed those out. Again I used my decorative rotary blade to cut out the quotes and used double sided tape to add these messages to the inside of each card. I also used a black sharpie marker to date them on the back of each card.

I made 20 cards this year and it only took me an afternoon to complete them all. I also keep a data sheet of all the address I want to send these to and then printed the labels with some symbol art added to each label.

It’s fun, and I enjoy the process of creating something unique each year.

Happy Heart Day! ♥


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