Happy or Sad?

I can’t decide if I am happy or sad.

These two little quilts found new homes while I was in Norway.
Brown Sister Tress mounted on peltex $150 sold Norway 3/2012 Marit Jversen
Brown Sister Tress mounted on Peltex Frame.

Blowing in the wind 14" x 15" $150 sold Norway to Turid Lismoen 3/2012
Blowing in the Wind mounted on Peltex Frame.

I am doing the happy dance. George thinks I am silly when I do this.

But I am sad that they no longer live with me.

BUT, I know that the quilts are happy to be hanging up in someone’s studio and being loved by someone new, rather than hiding from the light in my suitcase.

Life sure is a mixed blessing of joy and sorrow.

2 responses on “Happy or Sad?

  1. Cornwoman

    I think you should be happy. By letting someone else have the happy task of giving them a loving home, it frees the space in yours for a couple of delightful new pieces. Not to mention giving some joy to Georgie when you’re doing the happy dance.

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