Happy Happy New YEAR 2014

I am always so surprised at how fast a year goes by.

I look back at 2013 with laughter and joy,happiness and sadness.

  • I received a new and beautiful grandchild named -Henry Raymond, after my father and his grandfather. A wonderful JOY.
  • I lost my mother. A terrible sadness.
  • I meet many new and wonderful people teaching. A wonderful Joy.
  • A dear friend’s husband died. A terrible sadness.
  • I will be a new grandma again in 2014. A wonderful JOY.

And so the circle of life goes on. 

I am looking forward to 2014 to see what great and fun things will come into my life.

One way I mark off the events in my life is to mark them on a calendar.

My mom kept a daily calendar and marked off life events as well as her appointments. It was fun going back through them. She kept all the calendars from her life just like a dairy.

This is my 2014 Calendar. 

Frieda Anderson 2014 Calendar

You can order one on my website and mark the events in your life on it.





2 responses on “Happy Happy New YEAR 2014

  1. Bonnie

    And all the very best to you and yours as well Frieda! As I read your experiences of the lays year I couldn’t help but think that it was a glorious blend of life as we know it. We need the sadnesses to make us honestly appreciate the good things…we went to four funerals in the last two months of 2013′ and learned of another death on New Year’s Eve. But there were some magnificent happenings as well. It is a miracle we are here…I wonder what the next miracle might be?

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