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I just got home from visiting some of my grandkids. Happiness!


I made a new bed quilt for my son and daughter -in-law. While I was helping spread the quilt over their king size bed I noticed my DIL’s bedside reading, O magazine, talking about depression.

I struggle with depression every day. Don’t worry not deep down debilitating depression, just the winter blues. So I have been listening to the TED talks on Depression. I think this one is particularly interesting. Besides addressing ┬áthe issue of depression it also outlines five simple steps to help eliminate depression

Here they are –

  1. Connect – connect with loved ones and friends. I know this helps me a lot.
  2. Be Active. I try to workout at home or outside, at least, three times a week.
  3. Take notice. Be aware of the world and the world you live in.
  4. Keep learning. Live long curiosity.
  5. GIVE. You fee better when you give.

I think this list is also important for creativity and how to increase your own creativity.

Here is the link to the TED talk. Enjoy.


5 responses on “Happiness Index

  1. Pat

    Love the quilt! It’s bright, happy and modern. I have to admit that I have never made a bed sized quilt but my grandkids are asking for one. It has to be simple ’cause I have no patience for exact piecing and get bored quite quickly with too much repetition.
    QUESTION: Did you do the quilting on a regular domestic machine as opposed to a long arm? I have A BERNINA 750 QE.
    I can relate to seasonal affective disorder. I seem to fight it too, and have to force myself to do things in winter. Thanks for the tips! I always feel better when I’m involved, using my creativity to cheer someone up, and when I’m engaged in lively conversations with family, friends and especially my grandkids.
    Thanks also for mentioning TED talks. That’s new to me!! I signed up and will enjoy those talks!

    1. Frieda

      That’s great Pat, I know you will enjoy the TED talks I do.
      I did not quilt this monster, I have a long armer who does alot of the bed quilts I make. It is just not worth my effort when I have so much else going on. I love her and she does a great job.

      1. Pat

        Thanks for the reply Frieda! I was dreading the thought of trying to quilt something larger than 12″ x 14″! haha!
        Nice to know that the experts rely on some outside help for stuff like that.

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