Hand dyed fabrics from dyeing class in Daytona Beach

One of my students just sent me an image or her ironed fabrics that she dyed in my Flooded with Color class (a hand dyeing class)at the AQS show in Daytona Beach earlier this month.

Carol said about them – Finished washing and ironing them – loving them.  Many thanks. Really love the mottled ones. 

I always suggest that students bring four types of fabric to class, all 100% cotton-

white PFD (Prepared for Dye)
white with a black dot or pattern
and white on white

That way they can see what different types of fabric look like dyed. It makes for a lot of fun in class.

If you can’t take one of my dye classes you can always buy the book – FABRIC TO DYE FOR – and get together with a friend and have a dye day. The directions to do all this are very clear, and it makes for a fun day with a good friend.



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