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What kind of thread do you use?

Do you machine piece and machine quilt your quilts?

I do.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be talking about thread and what kinds I use and what kinds some of my fellow quilt friends use.

I have also talked with several thread manufacturers and will share what they have to say with you as well.

The thing about thread is you need to use it and see if you like it. I have a big investment in thread and enjoy using lots of different kinds and colors. Have I said this before, COLOR is a big deal for me, I just LOVE IT.

Superior Thread is a great thread and thread information source.

I use several of their products.

They also offer a terrific newsletter with lots of wonderful information and resources.

This is a tip they shared in their newsletter. They gave permission to share it as long as I mentioned where it came from.

If you are using a top quality thread and the thread is fraying, shredding, breaking, or creating a lot of lint, either the needle is too small or the tension is too tight.  It usually is just that simple.
I used Island Batik fabric to make my pattern Petite Dandelions that was featured in Quilt magazine in 2009. 

I used Superiors Rainbows Trilobal Polyester 40 wt. high-sheen premium trilobal polyester thread with a one-inch color change interval. For embroidery and quilting. 

It is hard to see the quilting in the dark green, but I think you can see color #820 on the inside of the oak leaves, and color #551 in the background behind the Dandelions. 
You can see it tells you want kind of needle to use right on the end of the spool. It was a dream to quilt with.
I use a 50 weight cotton in the bobbin when I use this thread.

How do you know what needle to use for quilting, sewing, embroidering, and piecing?
From the Superior Newsletter

Topstitch style needle for nearly all applications including piecing (#80/12 needle), embroidery (#90/14), quilting (needle size depends on the thread size), general sewing construction/crafting (usually #80/12). 

Top secret revealed: The bestselling brand of home machine needles puts the exact same needle in the Topstitch and Metallic needle package.  It’s the same needle.  One needle, two packages = double the sales.  Save your money.  You do not need to buy both.  This explains why we no longer sell metallic needles.  The Topstitch style is the needle preferred by the professionals.

The one thing I know for sure is you don’t want to use OLD thread that you might have picked up at a garage sale. Treat yourself to new improved threads. And put in a new needle, you will be so much happier.

7 responses on “Gotta have it! -Thread

  1. Superior Threads

    Thank you for posting about our threads and mentioning how important education is. With so many thread/needle options available, having the knowledge about what to use and when to use it is a huge advantage when quilting/sewing. You’re doing a wonderful service by spreading your knowledge.

  2. Cornwoman

    That was some good info about thread. Thanks! My machine seems to hate the Superior Masterpiece thread I have, but armed with this info, I’ll have to give it another try. I’d just about given up on it. I think the Trilobial is beautiful. I especially loved the tip about the topstitch and metallic needles being the exact same needle! I will put a label on the metallic needles right now!

  3. sewmuch2do

    Hi Frieda,

    I like poly threads, particularly Isacord which is 50 wt. No lint build up, no problems with tension, lots of colors, and great value. I use a Microtex sharp needle. Also have use Superior 50 wt and like that one too.


  4. Chris Daly

    So glad you are sharing this information. I never knew that metallic and topstitch needles were the same. I love all of the Superior Thread products and my quilting has vastly improved when I switched to topstitch needles.

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