Getting ready to cook

I have had this apron for YEARS. I don’t remember where I got it, but I do know I bought it at a garage sale one year. It is beautiful and I remember I didn’t pay more than a $1 or so for it.

It is all hand done with such care. The ties are all turned under and then stitched with that wonderful big zigzag in heavy red thread. It looks like something from Mexico and maybe it was made there but I don’t think so. It also looks very Scandinavian and as I think about it I remember the garage sale where I got it was in an old part of town. The black trim is black rickrack sewn in the seam. I only wear it at Christmas because I don’t want to get it really dirty and ruin it. ¬†The two ovals in the center are POCKETS!! It is made so carefully and beautifully.

People just don’t value things made with care and love as much as they should. I still maintain that if we were all busy making things, any kinds of things (except guns and bombs) we would all be a lot happier and less likely to be hostile to others.


There is a little red stain on the bottom and I just soaked it in Restoration fabric cleaner and that all came out. It is now very pristine.

Maybe I’ll make some KrumKake today to take to Florida.


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