Getting going again

Christmas is over and the New Year approaches. I feel drained and really just want to sit around and do nothing.

How do you get yourself motivated to get going again? I’ld love to hear from all of you on this.

I will send my favorite answer person a free quarter yard of rainbow fabric. grad-arainbow


3 responses on “Getting going again

  1. Char

    Boy, do I know the feeling! I think that when we feel this way after the holidays a huge factor is sleep deprivation. Give yourself time to recharge with 2 or 3 really good night’s sleep – like 12 hours. Warm bath, hot milk, a mystery novel, gossip magazines, whatever it takes. No limits to how much you sleep in. After you are rested it’s much easier to think about getting going again. Start with a small fun project, or a nice short walk, or clean out a closet, something that you enjoy and isn’t associated with “work” or producing something. But get that rest first. Your body is telling you something if you feel drained. Good luck!

  2. Mary

    After reading a good book, I sort through quilting magazines that seem to be everywhere, and look at them again before bagging them to share with a friend. That gets me started……. then I look through the pictures of the people I gifted with the quilted item i gave them. Seeing them so happy makes me want to start planning the next thing to make.

  3. Janet DeBow

    Best New Year Motivation? Organizing a quilt guild “fun day” with everyone making one of your art quilts!! Nothing like learning a new technique to get our creativity moving!!

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