Last walk in the woods with George

I am sad to report that my dear friend and constant companion is no longer with us.

George is now running free and chasing squirrels forever.

Rest in Peace my buddy, pal, and faithful friend.






I will miss your funny self and continue to walk in the woods with you. xxxooo.

George my best buddy

George my best buddy


28 responses on “Last walk in the woods with George

  1. Jodie Matte - Essex, Ontario

    My heart cries with you Frieda, may the Lord’s peace surround you. I hope George gets to run around with my Pepper in heaven, I’m sure they will have a great time :)!

  2. Gayle Kush

    This made me cry this morning. I remember when you got him and watching you become besotted with him. Doesn’t seem like it’s been that long ago. You gave him a long and wonderful life. Hugs my dear.

  3. Diane Doran

    I’m so sorry Frieda. We just got a new puppy who loves to walk in the woods and chase the leaves. I don’t know why, but for some reason yesterday as we walked I thought about how you’ve written about your jaunts in the wood with George. You were very good to him.

    1. Frieda

      A new puppy is such a joy.
      George was very good to us and for us. He made me get out and walk every day. I have set my goal to do just that everyday as if he was still here.
      I miss him all the time.

  4. Candy

    I am so sorry Frieda. I know he was with you for a long time and shared many adventures. What a good buddy he was. My heart goes out to you. c

  5. Teresa Hartman

    So very very sad for you and your husband to lose such an important family member. They are as children to us, and the parting is bitter. Know that there are others who recognize your pain and sympathize with you. Wishing you comfort.

  6. Bobbie Brooks

    We offer boo-boo bandages for the heart. The kind that light up every time you think about that sweet little companion. Rest assured George is not alone. Neither are you. Take your walks, Frieda; cherish the remembered laughable mad dashes after squirrels and the bouncy canine hugs afterwards. Hugs!

  7. Terry J.

    So sorry for you and your husband. They are part of the family. We have 3 Jack Russell’s,love them to death.
    Thinking of you. May you find comfort.

  8. Susan

    I’m just so sorry for your loss. It was always fun to see him on your posts and I know how much you will miss him. He was a treasure.

  9. Charlene

    I just returned home from vacation to read this sad news. My heart goes out to you and yours. George is now in quilt heaven playing with my cats. Very, very sad.

  10. Alice person

    I’m so sorry that your George has left you. Such a difficult time for you.
    Maybe your time in Houston will be a good diversion and lift your spirits.

    P.S. I am bringing you some tiny acorns for your collection Friday. Really tiny!

  11. donna adams

    I am so very sorry to hear about this Frieda. Our animal family members hold such a special place in our hearts and lives. They accept, want to be with us and love us unconditionally as no imperfect person can. And they leave a huge huge hole in our hearts when they go. He has always been there as your walking buddy and inspiration for his lifetime! I think though that have come to believe these beloved pets will be there in heaven too. Know there are so many who are joining with you in your loss and we understand and are feeling the grief with and compassion for you.

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