Let’s talk about fusing. Most of my quilts are fused. I teach fusing techniques all over the world, and still I get lots of questions from readers. So let’s talk about fusing.

I use WonderUnder #805. It is the only fusible web product that I use. I have been using it for a very long time. I have some things I did with my kids that are over 25 years old and still fused strong and looking good. I like WonderUnder from Pellon because it is a very light weight fusible web that is relatively cheap and I think easy to find. JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby carry it. I sell it on my website on the notions page. If you Walmart still carries fabric they have it too. Ask your quilt shop to carry it, or maybe they already do.

Rules for success when using WonderUnder #805.


1. Pre-wash your fabrics. Better yet use my hand dyed fabric’s they have been pre-washed.IMG_3468




Washed and waiting to be ironed.

2. Steam press out all the wrinkles on your fabric before you start. TURN OFF THE STEAM TO APPLY FUSIBLE WEB.

3. Use a hot DRY iron when applying the wonderunder to the back of the fabric. There is no right or wrong side on my hand dyed fabrics. 🙂

4. Let the fusible cool down. When you heat up the fusible web it gets gooey, it needs to cool down to solidify again.

5. Remove the release paper and save it to use to transfer your design to the back of the fused fabric.

6. Store pre-fused fabric rolled up so it doesn’t get creased.


“In the field” fused art quilt.

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  1. Lisa

    LOL Laura you are so funny! Like you need Frieda’s tips! hahaha But I will join you in saying – thank you Frieda for the information! Very good to know!

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