Fused binding

Here are a few pictures up close and personal of the top stitched fused binding.

IMG_1565This is the edge of my quilt “Star Lillies” and is top stitched with #30 weight rayon thread.


The thread that I top stitched this quilt with is Laura’s #8 cotton and is put in the bobbin. When I put this in the bobbin I hand wind it on the bobbin and by pass the tension in the bobbin case, using a matching thread of lighter weight cotton on the top and sew from the back side. The heavier weight thread sits on the surface of the quilt and looks kinda loopy, like me.

3 responses on “Fused binding

  1. Cornwoman

    Thank you SO much for the tutorial on the fused binding! I have tried a number of different methods to do binding, and this looks like an easy and beautiful way to do it! I will have to give it a try on my next quilt.

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