Friday the last give away this year

Here it is Friday already, how did that happen so fast?

It’s been fun reading all of your comments and kinda inspiring. 

For the final give away this year I have a nice little package of goodies. 

I have another six month subscription to The Quilt Show. I learn so much watching all the shows over there.

Along with that I have

  • a stack of six fat  quarters gradating from green to light green.
  • With these fabrics also comes 10 yards of silk ribbon dyed from yellow to turquois.
  • A large hank of size #8 cotton hand dyed thread dyed from yellow to lime green.
  • AND my favorite #30 weight GREEN rayon thread.

I KNOW you can  be creative with all of THAT.

Frieda Anderson Friday give away 2014

Yesterday’s winner was  Sophie of Jeansophie.  Be sure and email me with your snail mail address so I can send off your prize.

I wish each and  everyone of you a very Merry Christmas, or Happy Holiday this year. It has been a good and sad year, but life goes on and on and on………..

I am taking the next two weeks off. 

See you in 2014!!!

I will start the New Year off with a great sale on my website. So start making your list of things you want now.



26 responses on “Friday the last give away this year

  1. Willa

    Merry Christmas and all good wishes for the coming year.

    The giveaway is interesting as these are colors I generally shy away from. That said, I think an infusion of goodies I have not chosen give a kick start to creativity.

  2. Gill

    Green is my favourite colour – a hint of Spring perhaps???
    Here it’s grey and cold!
    BTW who was yesterday’s winner – I can’t see a name! Congratulations to whoever it was!

  3. Jan Sheets

    I am making more tree quilts and would love to use the material in it and I am thinking about joining the quilt show and would love a chance to watch.mMerry Christmas

  4. Diane Fulton

    What a fabulous pack of goodies! I wish you a peaceful and happy holiday with your family. Oh yes, you have three sons as I do, so maybe I should wish you a lively and happy holiday!

  5. Robin Parton

    What a challenge this lovely fabric and thread would be. I buy green but then hardly every use it, you should see my cabinet of green fabric.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

  6. Maria R

    Ooh, greens. I can see something beautiful and springy being made with that. It will help with al the dreary grey. Happy holidays to all. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  7. Rodney Wartzok

    I just purchased 2 full bolts of White Kona Cotton and plan to have a “Creative Day” tomorrow. I finished reading Fabric to Dye For and can’t wait to play with lots of colors. Thank you so much again for sharing your creativity and knowledge with all of us.

    Happy Holidays to all of you!

    All the best,
    Rodney W.

  8. Pam Hintze

    Love your fabrics. Used a piece of your hand dyed fabric to design a block to be used for my local quilt guild, West Suburban Quilt Guild, and it was chosen for the new logo.

  9. Jodie Matte - Essex, Ontario

    GREEN the word for the New Year! G-is for gratitude, R-is for reflection, E-is for enthusiasm, E-is for energy & N-is for Never Give Up! (or I wanted to choose N-is for Newfoundland, the greenest place on earth! for us Canadians 🙂 ) Merry Christmas Frieda!

  10. edwina parsons

    Love your blog and fabric and your craftsy class.

    happy new year!!!!!!!!!

    The green fabric and thread would be a great start of my new landcape for january 2014

    Edwina a Parsons

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