Forest Verge


Tomorrow I will pick a name to send out the free copy of Noriko’s book.

This wonderful landscape is titled “Forest Verge”

Noriko says about this quilt

“This quilt is my first large Confetti Naure scape quilt. I wanted to achieve in cloth what the impressionist painters achieved in their oil paintings.

I was doing a lot of cutting fabrics into toothpick-size pieces but this quilt also has lots of large on inch square pieces.”

7 responses on “Forest Verge

  1. Relentless Toil

    Isn’t she amazing? I’ve always thrown scraps that size away. I’ll be thinking twice next time.
    I had the pleasure of seeing one of Ms. Endo’s quilts in person once. It was at once humbling and inspiring. It’s a marvel how she can balance such splashy, joyous, deceptively haphazard-looking Impressionism with such precise technical skill.

  2. Sonia

    I have had the pleasure of spending time with the lovely Noriko in a small class. Her book was in the works and when I asked if we students would be featured, she very politely declined. Still, I would love to have a copy. Sonia

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