Fascination II


I like to piece as well as fuse. And I particularly like to piece leaves this way.

This table runner is pieced.  It is called Aspen Leaves and was in the book Skinny Quilts II


It was inspired by this quilt called “It’s Good to Be Green” which was in an exhibit by the same name.


Here is a nice close up of the quilting.

You can see by these illustrations some of how it is made.

To start I made a pattern out of freezer paper.

And then used the freezer paper and some glue to help in the piecing process.




It is fun and yet still free form way to work. You can get all the directions from my pattern Aspen Leaves.

Here are a few other examples of pieced leaves.

FriedaAndersonShimmering Foliage

Shimmering Foliage is a really large quilt and one of my favorites. It measures 82” square. I love this piece.

Leaf Light

Wood Light 54” x 54”. All those leaves were made with the left overs from piecing the big leaves for Shimmering Foliage.

Have a great weekend and look at a few leaves while you are thinking about it.

4 responses on “Fascination II

  1. Diane

    Woodlight is beautiful! I would not have realized it’s pieced. You always make it look so easy! I’ll miss you at the Madison Quilt Expo this year. 🙂

  2. Cornwoman

    I love them all, but Shimmering Foilage is my favorite. I have the book and have been thinking of making one of the leaf quilts for a challenge that I’m involved in with my guild.

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