Falling Leaves – part 2

I hope that I see some of you at the upcoming IQF show in Houston, TX in a few weeks. Laura Wasilowski and I will have our booth again this year – ARTFABRIK/FrieStyle #914 with lots of hand dyed fabric, thread and fusible patterns. This pattern Falling Leaves which is a PIECED pattern will debut there. Coming on by and see us and get this great pattern with either the green or blue fabric kit.

In the last post, I left off showing you how to apply your freezer paper to the back of your fabric to begin the process of creating this pattern.

Once you have all the pieced lightly ironed to the fabric then you want to cut them apart. BE SURE and leave a 1/2″ seam allowance around all of the pieces. You will need this 1/2″ to hold onto as you sew your seams.


Now comes the meditative part. Get yourself a comfy chair and pull it up to your ironing surface, we are going to starch and glue our pieces back together to get ready to sew them effortlessly creating crisp precise curves. I turn on my favorite Netflix or Tevoed show and enjoy this process.

Before we begin to starch and glue our pieces together, first you want to use a sand paper board and a mechanical pencil or white pencil to mark around each of the pattern pieces. This will help when you go to sew these together. ALSO mark in the outside seam allowance of all the pieces the pattern number.

Next you want to clip any concave curves with sharp scissors so the seam will curve beautifully when you piece it.


Once the pieces are all marked and clipped you can now use a small bottle or brush to apply starch around the edges, right next to the freezer paper, before you press each seam allowance around the freezer paper template.





Once all the templates have the seams pressed back you can start to glue the pieces together in anticipation of piecing them.

You want to use your SCHOOL GLUE for this. I find I like to transfer my glue and my spray starch into small bottles with a very fine tip that I find at the hobby store. This helps me to run a thin line of starch around the paper pattern on the fabric side. Using my hot iron I will fold the seam over the edge of the fabric and press it. Make sure you don’t turn over any of the paper pattern when you are pressing. This crease helps me line up the two sections.

Next I will match the two sections, one leaf and one background, that go together by their numbers, and snug the leaf into the background section. This is where that cross line I drew between the sections will help me line up the two pieces nicely.

I will run a very thin line of glue on the edge of the background section and fold over the seam allowance of the leaf section onto the background section and press with a hot iron. The glue will hold the seam in place and I can remove the freezer paper in anticipation of sewing this seam.

I will repeat this for all of my leave sections.

That is probably enough for now. It would be fun for you to draw out a MUG RUG and practice along with me if you are interested. Below is a free pattern, just click and print.

Frieda Anderson Leaf Mug Rug

See you next week for more on this technique.



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