Failure is the key to succes

I hear this a lot in my classes. People are afraid to fail. I find that when I fail I actually succeed, the secret is to try again. Many of us get frustrated instead of inspired. I won’t quit until I become happy with my effort. I will often remove something from a design, or remake a whole section of a design until I am confident with its success.

I know it is hard to rationalize “wasting” expensive fabric for a failure, but the truth is you are growing as an artist. You may not like the end result of everything, but once you finish something it will give you a sense of accomplishment and hopefully you will look at it and visualize how and what you would change and do it again. Then if it really makes you unhappy to see the end result give it away. Someone else will love the “love” you put into the creation.

Designer Bruce Mau said “if you like it do it againĀ if you don’t like it do it again.”

Really good advice on many levels.

Failure is the key to success and don’t ever forget it.


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