Fabric – what is your favorite color?

What is your favorite color of fabric?

We all have one.

Mine varies from limey greenaforestleaves Limey Avocado

to purple FriedaAnderson_PurplePlum Purple Pulp

to orangeorange 

All of which look great together and of course with other colors too.

Sometimes it is a good idea to work with colors that we don’t normally work with. To stretch ourselves a bit.

What is a color you shy away from?

For me it is black and white.

BUT I do have a very good collection of black and white prints that I hope to someday make into a bed quilt.
I just don’t like black and white added to most quilts, I feel like it is too harsh or perhaps it is that neither is really a “color” and I do love color.




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  1. suzie blair

    Frieda, I love the pieces of fabric that you show today. I have your book “Fabric to Dye For”. Would you consider writing another book that builds on what is in your first book. I would love to be able to make fabric going from one color to the next, as you show. Each color way that you show has a different emotion to it or energy. I love your orange to red.


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