Fabric to Dye For

I just received this via email

“Hi Frieda – I love your book,Fabric to Dye For. I had a little camp at my farm and the kids had a blast dying their t-shirts, In August, I am going on a mission trip to Kenya and we will serve about 300 kids orphaned by AIDS. We plan for these kids to dye shirts. My question – can I presoak shirts in the ash, dry them, and then have them ready for dyeing over there? Thanks, Jane “

This is Jane’s camp, pretty cool huh?2014student 

My response to her is this, I don’t know but I think you can, but do a trial before you go. I assume you can presoak and then let the shirts dry and then wet them when you get there and then dye them. She is going to let me know and send pictures that I will post later.

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