Frieda’s Stripey Fabrics are made with 100 % cotton fabric and Procion MX dyes. They are preshrunk and ready to use in your sewing projects. Choose from a variety of gradations – from Blackened gradation (black dye has been added to the gradation to make a richer deeper color), Rainbow gradation, to many other color combinations of gradations.

  • Prices in the United States: If you live in the State of IL there is IL tax required by law added to your bill
    • Cotton: $24 per yard (36″ x 41″)
    • Cotton: $12 per 1/2 yard (18″ x 41″)
    • Silk charmeuse: $20 per 1/2 yard. The silk  is dyed with the same colors that are listed for the cotton fabric  but are scattered randomly all over the silk. Some of the dye colors look different on silk.
  • You can also download a printable order form to send in your check or credit card information.
  • INTERNATIONAL orders. If you email me your order I will let you know what the first class postage is and we can work that through paypal. This is cheaper than the priority mail option.