Eye of the Needle

A few days ago I helped our local SAQA reps, Barbara Schneider and Pat Kroth along with Laura Wasilowski hang a new exhibit at  the local art gallery the Fine Line.

We are a fun group of gals and the morning went by very quickly despite Laura and I fooling around a lot. We were not in charge and it was a good thing because we just kept being silly. We did however work hard and help get all the pieces on the wall, the banner hung and the boxes returned to the car. You can see more pictures at the SAQAIL/WI blog.

Then we had to leave and go to Costco, Hobby Lobby and the doctor.

photo (1)










Anderson Eye and the Needle postcard copy


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  1. Diane Fulton

    Thanks for posting this. We were looking for an excursion (from Madison) for tomorrow. It looks like a great venue. Maybe we can walk in the prairie too.

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