Erik’s new quilt

Last winter my youngest son told me his bed quilt was in need of replacement. 

I asked him what color quilt he would like and he said blue and green. 

While I work mostly with my own hand dyed fabrics that doesn’t mean I don’t have some “regular” printed fabrics,you know just a few.

I used to really love batiks and have quite a collection. So I dug around and find a few. HA 

To make this a queen size quilt I had to expand it some and there are eighty blocks in the main quilt. I didn’t repeat a fabric.

I had kept this old issue of Quiltmaker magazine from September/October 2002 because I liked the cover quilt. It was leaves and I thought that one day I would make a version of this quilt.  I changed the leaf shape a bit, but otherwise I am just following the pattern. I thought I would get it done faster if I didn’t mess around to much. But I am going to do the border different and try quilting it as I go in four big sections. I have been wanting to give that a try and this is the perfect project to do it with.

Quiltmaker September/October 2002

Quiltmaker September/October 2002

It seemed like the perfect project to make for Erik. IMG_8710

At first I thought I could get it made for his birthday in July, now I am just hoping I can get the top finished by Christmas.




It was good to see this as a photo, I realize I need to move some blocks around.



7 responses on “Erik’s new quilt

  1. Bobbie Brooks

    Pretty, pretty; love the fabric combinations. Isn’t it nice to occasionally ‘go back’? Refreshing, yes? Is that asymmetrical, scattered sashing (quite cool, actually) or simply sashing auditions?

  2. Deb Ward

    This quilt is marvelous! I am a leaf “junkie” and I love how the split leaves and backgrounds make it seem like the leaves are up off the quilt. It’s beautiful and has such movement. Thanks for sharing.

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