Enter to Win a Free $25 gift certificate to THE QUILT SHOW

I am a proud member of The Quilt show. I enjoy the website and all the fun things that are offered there.

Please send me your favorite sewing tips and George and I will pick a winner to receive a $25 gift certificate to be applied to a membership or what ever you choose to purchase on theĀ The Quilt Show. I know you will enjoy going there and seeing all the great things that are offered.

Two years ago I was featured on the show doing a fusing project, one of my patterns – Winter Dreaming, this is a tribute to my kitty who is now long gone but not forgotten. My kitty was always sitting at the back door looking out the window, and of course all cats think they are royal so I had to make her purple.
I had a fantastic time doing the Quilt Show with Ricky and Alex. I have to say that Alex and Ricky are truly nice people, they are just like you and me and wish to share as much information and fun as they can with the rest of us.
As part of my on-going thankful Thursday blogs I am offering a $25 gift certificate to the Quilt show to all you lovely readers. In order to be considered for this gift certificate please send me your favorite sewing tip or trick. I am always looking for new ideas to help me as a quilter and I am sure you are too. I am of the belief that the more you give the more you get. I tell my students this all the time. And one of the great things about the quilting industry is I feel the same response of giving from all the quilters that I meet while I am traveling and teaching.

5 responses on “Enter to Win a Free $25 gift certificate to THE QUILT SHOW

  1. Cornwoman

    I would love to win a gift certificate to The Quilt Show!

    My first tip is regarding stabilizers and fusibles. I live in a very dry climate, and to keep the moisture in the product so that it’s usable, I keep them in a zippered plastic bag. I also put small projects that are in process, but not being worked on that moment, in zippered bags, since it doesn’t take long to dry out.

    The second tip has to do with binding. I wind my prepared binding onto an antique spindle that I use as part of my studio’s decorations, but any round item with a hole in the center would work. I put the spindle on an upright machine thread peg or a thread holder. It feeds very nicely, doesn’t get all wrinkled, and I don’t have to manipulate it constantly to get it into position to feed properly.

  2. Frieda


    Your post said to “send” you our favorite tips and tricks so I am going to guess that means through email and not as a comment. I am having a difficult time coming up with something that I think is different . . . but perhaps you haven’t heard this one yet. I love the non-slip drawer liner stuff and use it in so many places but one of the best is on the floor under my sewing foot. It keeps the foot right where I want it! Not a sewing tip but I also like to use it inbetween my nonstick pans to keep other pans from scratching them.

    Thanks for the chance of winning!
    Lisa Chin

  3. sewmuch2do

    Hi Frieda,

    Here is a tip I learned from somewhere. Take the leftover bits of fusing, put them on the batting of your quilt and press. This helps to baste your quilt, especially big wall hangings or larger, and keep the top and bottpm from shifting when quilting. No more pins, spreays or hand basting.

  4. Linda

    Hi Frieda,
    I have a slanted stand that my machine fits on that tilts it a small amount toward me. It makes it easier to see the machine foot, needle and fabric as you are stitching. After I purchased this, I saw a tip on Alex Anderson’s Simply Quilts Show that said you could use two door stops placed under each end of the back of your machine to get the same effect. I think this is the most helpful thing that I’ve learned to help my sewing be more accurate and more comfortable. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Suze

    Fusible stuck to the iron? use a damp Magic Eraser when the iron is cold..sticky stuff cleans right off, slick as a whistle and no scratches on the sole of the iron.


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