I love to see what the color of the year will be and guess what it is GREEN.

You can go to the Pantone website and check out all kinds of great color stuff.
I am always thinking about color.

Bubbling UP

Emerald is working in lots of my work.
Hidden World – detail
Prairie Grass

How have you used “Emerald” in your work?

2 responses on “EMERALD

  1. Cornwoman

    I’ve used greens, but it’s been a while since I’ve used emerald green. I have a guild challenge this year where we will be using red and purple plus one color in the challenge. Perhaps I’ll use emerald green as my “plus one” color.

  2. Crazy Cuban

    I used one of Jinny Beyer’s border prints to make medallions on a quilt.
    She called “Teal” but it looked more like “Emerald” to me. Whatever the real color, it still made for pretty medallions.

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