Easy Piezy

How to transfer a design without reversing it.

This is very easy with fusible web on the back of your fabric. WonderUnder is on sale on my website this month.

Follow along the pictures below. This is from my book Fabric to Dye For, a little quilt called Daily Walks, a quilt about George, my dog.  You could make this a portrait of your dog instead, just change how the dog looks a little to look like your mutt.

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Transferring design to the backside of fused fabric.

1. Apply fusible web to the back of your pre-washed fabric with a hot dry iron.

2. Allow fusible web to cool.

3. Peel off the “release” paper, that is the paper that sits on top of the fusible web.

4. Place the release paper over your design.

5. Use a sharp pencil or extra fine sharpie marker and trace design on top of release paper.

6. Place the marker side of the design against the fused side of the fabric and press with a hot dry iron.

7. Marker will transfer to the back of your fabric.

8. Cut out design and apply it where it belongs.

Happy Quilting.

3 responses on “Easy Piezy

  1. Cornwoman

    This looks really easy to do, but I have 2 questions.

    What do you do to transfer the design when the fabric is dark enough that the black Sharpie doesn’t show up?

    Is there a right side or a wrong side to the release paper that you peeled off?

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Frieda

    They doesn’t seem to be a right or wrong side of the release paper, I use both sides. As far as doing this on black fabric, use a light colored colored pencil, like white or yellow.

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