Dyeing outside in the summer.

It is always fun to find things to do outside in the summertime. It is the perfect time to try your hand at hand dying fabric. Tonight on the digital lounge at C&T publishing I am going to talk about using the great outdoors to try a few surface design tricks.

I hope you will stop by and log on to see and hear about dyeing in the great outdoors. 6 pm California time, that’s 9pm in Boston and 8 pm in Chicago, I hope I can stay awake.


Discover the joys of working AND getting a tan.


Learn what these are.


Find out what this is.



Can you tell me what these are?

If you can you will have a chance at receiving a free AUTOGRAPHED copy of my book – FABRIC TO DYE FOR. And then you can try all the little tricks I will tell you tonight in your own backyard.

11 responses on “Dyeing outside in the summer.

  1. Debbie

    Looks like rice to me, Frieda! It’ll be 4 a.m. where I am, but I’m usually up by then so I’ll try to remember to check in. Interested in any tips from the expert!

  2. Frieda

    Helen received a copy of my book for stopping by the digital lounge and correctly identifing the rice. It makes a great looking grass fabric when it is washed and dried.

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