Dyeing, Dyeing, Dyeing always Dyeing!

The last month I have been working feverishly to get ready for three shows and four teaching engagements.

I feel like all I do is Dye a little every day just for you!friedaandersonhandyed

We will have a booth, #1825, at the IQF show next week in Chicago at the Donald E Stevenson Convention Center . I hope you will stop in and buy a little something, Laura and I will have lots of hand dyed cotton, silk, velvet, cheesecloth, linen, thread and patterns. There is something for everyone.

Laura and I will both be teaching a fusing class. I will be teaching my pattern Daffodils. There is still time to sign up and make something beautiful for your walls. My Daffodils are blooming already, so I have great inspiration.

See you there!



3 responses on “Dyeing, Dyeing, Dyeing always Dyeing!

  1. Alice person

    Thanks for the daffodil photo. I don’t get to see them growing any more, so this photo brings back good memories of spring in Indiana.

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