Do you have a lot of these?

Who doesn’t have old blue jeans?

Living with four boys/men I always had a stack of old jeans. I used them to repair the favorite jean of the day that just had to be saved and worn until they were no longer repairable. My sons friends would also bring their favorite jeans over to be loving sewn up and fixed. I was a sucker for a smiling boys face.


Now that I only live with one man I don’t use all these for repairs. Oh I still do repairs, but I think I have enough to last a life time of repair.

I have been thinking about using them to make other things. Here are some ideas I found on Pinerest that I thought I would share.

If you are not already browsing on Pinerest it is something you might check into. Here is a link to my BlueJeans board.  BUT be careful it is very addictive. I have to give myself a time limit when I go there, otherwise I could spend hours looking at images.





I don’t know when I will get around to making all the things I have saved pictures for, but I hope to some day.

How about you? Do you have files of things you want to do someday?

4 responses on “Do you have a lot of these?

  1. Dolores

    I try not to check out Pinterest because I know I can get lost in for hours. I have no Pinterest board because I value my time and there are just so many things to do.

  2. Cornwoman

    I love the little bulletin board with pockets! I, too, have a collection of worn out jeans to do something with some day. However, I am considering getting rid of them since I have enough UFO’s and USO’s in addition to “wanna do’s” to keep me busy forever. lol

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