DEUX returns home

I am a juried artist member of SAQA. I have mentioned this before. I think this is a great organization.

One of the reason’s that I think this is such a great group is that it runs juried exhibitions for it’s membership ALL the time. There is a call for entry opportunity ongoing.

Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) is dedicated to bringing beautiful, thought-provoking, cutting-edge artwork to venues across the United States and around the world. These exhibitions are either juried or invitational and selected from among all SAQA members. 

For more information about SAQA exhibitions, contact

I had two pieces in a show that has been traveling for over two years called – DEUX.

DEUX – Artists create their works to help them answer questions. Deux, is a visual conversation that expresses the questions and ideas important to each artist.  Two works show side by side, inviting the viewer to find the connections between them, and see how the artists handle the challenges of composition and technique.

My two pieces were in fact four pieces. One a triptych titled – Internal Intersections, and the other single piece titled Hidden World.

They have just returned home to me. It’s like children coming home again. 

I think I will put them up  to view for awhile before I put them away in storage.




These two pieces are constructed with fabric that I call “wicked fabric”. It is just a name for the process I use to create this type of fabric.

I have been working with this “dyed” fabric for several years now and I find it rather challenging.

I find it a challenge to make interesting work using this fabric because it is so unique. My initial response because of all the patterning on the fabric is not to cut into that pattern and in essence “destroy” the design, but I am chopping it up more and more as I work with it. 

The process is ongoing.

I have just finished three very different pieces using this fabric and have several more on the design wall. I am fascinated with the design on the fabric. It’s all I really want to do right now is work with this fabric.


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