Determination and Perseverance

I received this email from one of my customers. I think it is a wonderful testament to determination, DESIRE and perseverance. I hope you do too.

Dear Frieda,
I was so overwhelmed at first when I received your package, and I postponed starting the quilt out of fear that I would not be able to do it justice.  However, after reading you precise and sequential instructions several times, it became clear to me, and I just followed them step by step and easily made it section. Now I have finished the little quilt, which will be a gift to a German friend.  Surely no comparison to your workmanship, but given my poor eyesight I am proud to have accomplished what you so beautifully designed and executed (please forgive a few minor changes that you see in the attached photo).
Esther  Tampa, Florida

I would just like to add that writing directions is always difficult and I have to give credit to my husband. I write the directions for all of my patterns and then my husband who is an x high school English teacher and a current lawyer edits them ruthlessly. AND I mean ruthless. He says if he can’t understand them how can a new or even experienced quilter follow them. I know you have had this experience where you get a pattern and then after you are finished with it you wish you could rewrite the directions. In all honesty that is not the case with my patterns, and it is all due to his due diligence and our team work to make the written directions as precise and easy to follow as possible.

Here is Esther’s finished quilt. I think Esther did a fabulous job and I want to thank her for sharing her finished quilt with us.

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